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Trash Removal


Trash pick up is every Monday. There are two dumpsters on the property - one located between Buildings 30 and 28, and one located next to Building 59. Please use the dumpster that is most convenient for you.

In the event that a dumpster is full, please use the other dumpster - under no circumstances may trash or large items be left next to the dumpsters - this can result in service charges being assessed against the owner doing so. If both dumpsters are full, please contact the Manager.

Owners are not permitted to leave garbage outside of their unts - all trash must be kept within until it is disposed of in the dumpster. Please make all efforts to break down and compact your trash before putting it into the dumpsters.


There are two recycling dumpsters - one diagonally across from the clubhouse, and one next to Building 47. Signs are posted on each of these corrals that describe what materials can be put into that dumpster. We also have pamphlets available in electronic or printed form.


Large items must be disposed of directly through the city or broken down before put into the dumpsters. If it doesn't fit, don't leave it on the side of the dumpster.

We ask that you please hold larger items and construction debris until the weekend before putting them in the dumpsters - our regular pickup date is Monday and this helps avoid extra pickups of trash (which cost us extra). There is usually plenty of space between the three dumpsters at the end of the week.

If you are doing construction/remodeling work within your unit, you must check with the association first before using the dumpsters for your project.
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