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Snow Removal

Snow Removal is handled on an as-needed basis. The amount budgeted is based on receiving an average amount of snowfall for this region.

The snow removal budget includes costs for removal, sanding, shoveling walkways and common areas and roof clearing if needed. When new roofs were installed from 2014-17, they were redesigned with open copper valleys, extensive ice& water shield and synthetic underlayment in all other places - to minimize the potential for ice damming.

 The Manager supervises and directs snow removal in order to keep the property safe and the road passable within the allocated budget. Any surpluses realized in below average winters may be put aside into a contingency fund for years when snowfall amounts exceed the regional average.

The Association is not responsible for ice control of Townhouse and Duplex walkways - snow will be cleared, but owners will be responsible for ice-melt or sand treatment if they want a more reliable walking surface.
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