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Management / Maintenance

Contact Belfast Property Management at (207) 338-6644 with all management or maintenance/repair concerns/requests. 

Some services may fall outside SHOA responsibility.  In these instances you will need to arrange for billing for materials plus labor as follows:
  • Monday through Friday (business hours):
    • $35.00 per hour (this charge also applies to reseach & records requests - you will be given an estimated price in advance for these types of requests)
  • Weekends, Nights and Holidays (emergency rate):
    • $70.00 per hour

When you call, always ask if there will be a charge to make sure that there aren't any surprises.


Owners need to provide notice to Management a minimum of 24 hours ahead of appointments for cable, telephone and internet installations/service (and ideally will let us know as soon as they know the date & time). Many of the system components are located in locked mechanical rooms, so the service people often need access to these spaces. In other instances where access is needed by owners to mechanical rooms, advance notice must also be provided. There will be a charge to let service personnel into these areas if we are not provided with advance notice.


While the association's maintenance contractors may be able to provide lock-out services, this service is not included with your condo fees, so there would be a charge for lock-outs.  Please keep a spare key with a neighbor or relative if you are prone to locking yourself out of your unit.


The association contracts for management (and maintenance) services rather than having any employees. It does this to keep costs down because it would be much more expensive for such a small association to employ anyone. Part of your fees go towards limited management and maintenance services. From time to time, owners may need records from the association, whether for mortgages or other purposes. The association maintains extensive records and owners have a right to see and copy these, however the service of providing access to these records is done a la carte at the requesting owner's expense (for time and copying expenses), as dictated by state law. Neither the association nor management is required to compile records for owners - that may be done (at cost) on a case-by-case basis, otherwise records requested will be produced in raw form.

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