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Insurance / Security

Owner Responsbility.

  • Home Security System.  Contact Steve Spearin (Seacoast Security) at 236-4876 or to learn about security options for your unit.  Click here to view the security system manual on the password protected page.
  • Keys.  Chances are your unit was previously occupied and perhaps an unknown number of keys are unaccounted for that unlock your doors.  You may want to have new locks installed on your front door, patio door, and/or garage door.  Several owners have used Ray's Locksmith Service to replace their locks; he can be reached at 338-6221. If you have Schlage double coded keys you will not be able to get copies made - you will need to replace the tumbler in your lockset to get new keys. 
  • Personal Property Insurance. Each unit owner may obtain additional insurance at his/her own expense.  Click here to review the Declaration (Section 9.6 - Unit Owner Insurance). Owners should have an HO6 policy or equivalent contents policy for their own personal property and liability - please consult with an insurance professional to tailor a policy to fit your needs.
SHOA Responsibility.  The association is required to maintain a master insurance policy per the Maine Condominium Act.. The association is not required to cover deductibles for losses, improvements to units or any loss that is determined to be the responsibility of an owner. Owners are responsible for maintaining their unit and complying with our covenants to ensure common and limited common elements adjacent to their units are properly maintained.
  • Click here to read Article 9 - Insurance in the Declaration requirements
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