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There may be occasions when you are having work done to your property - generally the inside of the unit. Because of the complicated nature of ownership and shared utilities, many construction projects will involve Unit, Limited Common and Common Elements (even if they don't seem like they will). This association's covenants require owners to seek permission for all alterations/modifications done to units.

Owners are legally responsible for the actions of their guests, invitees, licensees, etc. - which makes owners liable for actions of contractors that they hire. In order to protect association property, owners must follow the following procedure for construction projects or any work requiring licensed professionals, whether done inside or outside of the unit. If the work involves any common or limited common elements (which the association will solely determine), the association has the right to approve or deny the alteration/modification. It costs nothing to review your plans with the association, however if you begin work without getting approval you can be assessed costs.

1. Description of Work - The association needs to be apprised of all construction work and services performed by vendors/contractors in advance of the work. The association has an obligation to protect the interests of all owners and to ensure that common property and utilities are not adversely affected. In many cases there are building code issues that may arise that owner and contractors may not be aware of. For small projects this may be done verbally - check with Management first.

2. Insurance - any owners who utilize contractors that perform work or operate equipment at Springbrook must request a certificate of insurance evidencing liability insurance ($1 million minimum) and workers compensation coverage for their employees. This protects owners and the association from any unplanned or unfortunate incidents that may occur. These certificates do not need to be provided to the association unless they are specifically requested.

3. Notice/Scheduling - for any planned work that can create potential disturbances to other residents, it is essential that all affected owners are notified ahead of time, as all owners are entitled to fair notice of potential disturbances. For example, plumbing work may require water shutdown for a building. When providing your description of work to the association we will determine the best course of action for noticing owners.

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