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Condo Fee

Condo fees are due the first of each month (fees listed here effective 1/1/18):
  • Duplex: $500 per month (boilers on individual electrical panels),  $514 per month* (shared boilers).
  • Garden: $426 per month.
  • Townhouse: $465 per month (boilers on individual electrical panels) / $481 per month* (shared boilers)
In addition, there is a one time special assessment due on 6/1/18 as follows:
  • Duplex: $2,700 for reserves towards scheduled common capital projects.
  • Garden: $2,500 for reserves towards scheduled common capital projects.
  • Townhouse: $3,650 (B&C) and $4,350 (A&D) for reserves towards scheduled common and limited common capital projects.

If you are interested in purchasing a unit, here is a schedule of fees due at closing:

  • $250 deposit for the shared propane purchasing fund.
  • Membership fee for the transfer of each unit in the amount of two months condo fees, as described in Rule 29 of the Rules & Regulations of Springbrook Hill, A Condominium*. For units purchased in 2018, these amounts will be $1,000 / $1,028 for Duplex units, $852 for Garden units and $930 / $962 for Townhouse units. Note that these funds get deposited into the reserve fund for that style of unit, and that they can only be used by the association for capital projects.


    *The Membership fee is set by rule as equivalent to two months estimated Common Expense liability for the unit. Each Unit’s membership fee shall be collected from the new deeded owner upon the transfer of title and shall be transferred to the Association for deposit into the working capital fund (reserves) for the respective class of unit. The amount paid by the new deeded owner shall not be considered as advance payment of a normal Common Expense liability and no Unit Owner shall be entitled to a refund of these monies by the Association upon the subsequent conveyance of the Unit or otherwise.

There are two ways to pay:

1) Write a check payable to Springbrook Hill Owners Assocation and: 

a) Either mail your check to:

Springbrook Hill Owners Association
41 Spring Brook Drive
Belfast, ME 04915

a) Leave your check (in envelope) in the Springbrook drop-box, located in the mail vestibule outside of  the clubhouse.

2) Arrange for funds to be transferred directly from your bank account to the SHOA bank account.  You will need to contact management to make arrangements for direct payments.

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